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Sheepman & the Sheared : 5. Farm

25 mins

A 16mm film, part 5 of a series, Sheepman & the Sheared (1970-1976).

"The film series was made within the workshops and the theoretical context of the London Filmmakers Co-operative and structural / material film. In the series, the coincidence of flora, fauna, other objects, processes and activities, with the film frame are in no way paramount to an inspection of the total film process by which an observation of this kind is made possible. Specific conditions to do with both Nature and human activity with Nature are recorded with the camera, but is essentially subject to the observation and reaction of the filmmaker.

An assembly of eight rolls of film each in different ways examining spatial relationships; object/camera film/projector film planes-the walls of a barn, the surface of a tilled field, the surface of the screen bearing the image of a wall in movement, the screen with an image of movement towards moving animals, movement of tractor on which a moving camera is mounted." (1976)

Part 5 (Farm) made with the assistance of a grant from the South West Arts Association (1973/4)