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Mnemovie : 'interactive montage' engine demonstration


This 2-minute demonstration is of the 'Sampling' and 'Lateral' models made using the Mnemovie interactive engine.

Twelve 3-min mini-docs about the research in the Creativity & Cognition Studios in 2006 are sampled into a 50-second loop. By gesturing to the top of the screen, the item seen at that point is run from its head at normal speed. Gesturing to the left will run it backwards, to the right forwards; to the bottom of the screen, the titles of each movie are seen in succession each time the screen is touched. The choice is to review the work of this research group using images or words as a starting point.

In the second demonstration, using the same engine, a series of 60-sec loops of my son as he was growing up are linked laterally frame to frame: touching the top of the screen shows him older, the bottom of the screen, younger; and as before, touching the left makes the movie run in reverse.