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The Body on Three Floors

4-min extract (from 50mins)

THE BODY ON THREE FLOORS was a collaborative project that emerged from a dance class, between a dozen people with different professional art forms and science skills. The 4-minute extract highlights a moment between dancer Helen Roberts and musician, Keith Tippett. There is also a link to a 40-min version of the production (left column).
Co-ordinated by filmmaker Mike Leggett and produced with the technical and financial assistance of a regional arts board and a television station in Britain, the project concluded with a 50-minute free-to-air program transmitted by TSW, in the south-west of Britain. The disciplines represented included choreography and dance, playwrighting, art history, acting, ethology, clowning, contemporary dance, zoology, music and filmmaking. The program approach utilised the method of essay, the essay of imagination, working across television genres in a manner intended to be both serious and entertaining.
The production was featured in the 1987 Melbourne International Film Festival and much later at the Tele_Visions festival (2013) at Performance Space in recognition of the 'switch-off' of Sydney's analogue television transmitters. (Catalogue PDF in left column)