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Chris Welsby at Artspace, Sydney

1-minute (detail)

EXHIBITION: Chris Welsby, at Artspace, Sydney, April 2004:

‘Changing Light' (2004) DVD, video projector, sound, mirrors, camera, horizontal screen (240cm x 320cm approx ) mounted 30cm above floor.

‘Waterfall’ (2004) DVD, video projector, sound.

Screenings: (at Artspace 8.4.04; and at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 29.4.04) Park Film (1973), Tree (1974), Anemometer (1974), Windmill III (1974), Stream Line (1976), Seven Days (1976).

Catalogue essay 'Ripples in Time – new work from Chris Welsby' see PDF or Link to SCAN journal.

(Video - above - is a 60sec loop of the Changing Light installation, shot by Welsby at the Artspace gallery 1 on 15th April 2004.)