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Mnemovie : visual mnemonics for creative interactive video (research)


Mnemovie is the title of a project commenced in 2004 to investigate the precept of interactive video installation, developing ideas demonstrated in Pathscape (2000) and Strangers on the Land (1999). The experimental interactive system Mnemovie, uses simple gestures to interact with memory images and events recorded as moving images and sounds as a basis for hyperlinking between digital video files. A short movie was made in 2006 to explain some theory, by way of demonstration, go to: . The system has been developed using practice-based research methods, rather than user-centred problem-solving design approaches. The difference is that the former is similar to an art making process, where the concept is developed directly through the practitioner’s practice, applying knowledge, experience, skills and sense of creative enquiry (Schön 1983). The approach was extended with knowledge gathered from related research found in publications, together with an observation and evaluation process conducted toward completion of the PhD research in 2008. For more details see Text; for a brief demonstration of the principles, go to: