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The Fluxus Reader

Ken Friedman (ed)

I now have my own free downloadable digital copy of The Fluxus Reader in the run-up to the 50th anniversary of Fluxus in 2012. I was associated with Beau Geste Press for a while and so am listed as a book artist. BG were my neighbours in Devon, UK and I had many friends on the London Fluxus scene; but I was busy with the London Filmmakers Co-op so was not able to be more active with them all. Now I have the opportunity to catch up with what they were busy with.....

"Ken has long wanted to make a free digital edition available, but the small typeface has made it difficult to get a clean copy. Then Rebecca Parker, manager of the Research Bank at the Swinburne University library, went to a service to have them prepare, digitize, and proof a digital edition of The Fluxus Reader. So now, I'm pleased to report, the free digital copy is available for download at from Swinburne University"