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Porter Pack

25.5 min

This work is compilation of the following: 'Switch on' of the Portapak including momentary physical manipulation of the tape over the record head, producing breakup in the image. (This image is later photographed from the screen to be used to illustrate the article "Interference", written for the Studio International Video issue.) Title of the compilation follows, then a sequence walking outside the house into the exterior garden, viewing the Portapak on the artist's shoulder, before returning to the interior, where the camera is mounted on a tripod and lined up on a radio standing on the table. There follows discrete segments, some with introductions: Radio; Objects; Read statements and improvisation to camera: the artist describes the editing strategy employed in this tape, including the incorporation of an informal improvisation recorded some weeks previously. (This material is later revisited in Image Con Text: Two (1984), in the 8mm film sequence.); Haircut; Intro to Cow; Cat; 'Switch off': the Portapak deck is seen as the artistís hand comes in to switch to Off.

Article from Studio International, 1976 - 'Mike Leggett: Considerations on the subject of Interference' - with information on the work 'Porter Pack'.